Christian School and Daycare Software and Resources

As part of what they offer, some larger churches are offering Christian schools , daycare and nursery facilities.

At present there is only one purpose-built software to help manage your daycare:

Church Soft

Church Soft Manage your christian school daycare with ease.

  • Excellent Module For Christian School & Daycare
  • Log Personal Information Of Student or child
  • Setup Different Accounts
  • Auto Figures Payment
  • One Button Post All Charges Weekly Or Monthly
  • Log Entry And Withdrawal Dates
  • Keeps Student Records On File
  • Picture Profile Of Each Student
  • Categorize Payments
  • Record Academic Records
  • Outstanding Balance Reports

Also offers the ability to manage financial contributions, payroll and accounting easily.

We always like to stay up-to-date, so if you know of any resources which may be of use, please contact us below.