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Using a computer database can help you manage contacts and information at your fingertips Using a computer database can help you manage contacts and information at your fingertips.

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By The Book

By The Book produces "Roll Call", offering database management for churches.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder - also known as CCB, is appropriate for mega churches (over 10,000 in weekly attendance) as well as new church plants and small churches.

It's a web-based system which can help to save you time for your church administration team by bringing together into one church management software system your event calendar, scheduling and membership software,record keeping and, of course, your web site.

Marshall Software

Marshall Software offers the Parishioner Database, perfect for Church of England churches. Build records and create reports from your membership data. Use the power of a relational database, track census and sacramental data, also contributions and pledges. Parishioner Database allows for viewing of individual member and family group data on a single screen, as well as offering detailed review of member contributions and creation of reports.

QuickVerse - Membership Plus

QuickVerse - Membership Plus Database program that is designed to assist you in managing member information, organizing, and growing your organization. Track contributions, pledges, attendance, manage your finances effectively, print reports and access member information

Youth Track

Youth Track - the first database software to be created specifically for youth ministry. Enables you to track student info, trip info, mailmerge, outreach, resource info and is designed to become an indispensable part of your ministry. Keep in contact with your young people so that fewer of them "slip through" the system.


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