Church Book-Keeping Software to help keep your books balance !

Managing the church finances can be easier and more accurate with simple bookkeeping softwareIt can be intimidating being faced with a massive range of software to help you manage the book keeping function for the church.

When your church progresses beyond being able to manage it's finances on an Excel spreadsheet - it's time to make an investment in some software to help you handle your finances and reporting easily and without too much need for technical or financial know-how.

Here's a couple of suggestions for solutions


Martureo ChurchTrax is easy to use, flexible and can be downloaded, installed and used for free!

It manages information about households, individuals within those households, organizations (vendors, other churches, etc), contacts within other local organizations, group participation (ideal for small groups), attendance, contribution income and donations (including assets). 

It's possible to export bank deposit data to QuickBooks or Quicken and also to export files to Excel for further manipulation.  Free download available.

Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper With the tag line "get things done and get on with ministry !" this company clearly understands what their customer is looking for.

They offer a church management software that is easy to use, yet powerful and with a searchable database. 
This application can handle all your requirements from membership to attendance, labels to small group management, graphs, tracking of contributions and pledges.  It also links to Quicken and Quickbooks for a complete book-keeping solution.

Other Solutions

Secular products such as Microsoft Money, Quicken and Quickbooks may also be used with success to manage the church finances and accounts.

However, there will come a point when your accountant will suggest moving up to something designed to handle the accounting functions for a non-profit or charity organisation.