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Save money at your church office with freeware or open source software Our society today is caught up with the idea that if it's free, it's not worth having.

Thankfully, for the cash-strapped churches, this is not necessarily true as there are some quality software solutions available at low or no cost:


ChurchTrax - is an easy one to use. It manages information about: households, individuals within households, organizations (vendors, other churches, etc.), contacts within organizations, group participation, attendance, contribution income, non-contribution income, and non-monetary donations (securities, hard assets, etc.). Free download.

CV Schedule

CV Schedule - Freeware that functions as a church volunteer scheduler.


Donarius software is designed to track members, contributions, pledges. Donarius lets you view and print tax receipts, donor lists, church directories, mailing labels/envelopes and donations by date or donor. Many options when re-assigning envelope numbers. Sends personalized letters and emails. Donor types/characteristics are customizable. Used by non-profits to manage donor/donation database. 20% off for small churches/non-profits with 100 donors. Free download.

Ministry Assistant

Ministry Assistant - a freeware church management software package aimed especially at churches with a small group program. It offers many of the features you would expect from church management software, such as tracking membership, visitors, activities, equipping, pastoral care, meetings, library items, and contributions. In addition, the program also helps you keep track of all that is happening in your small group structure. Free Evaluation copy available to download.

Worship Him

Worship Him is a song presentation program for churches that project the lyrics to songs as they are sung. With Worship Him your song is spread out before you in its component pieces, and displaying a song piece is as simple as clicking on it.Supports dual monitors, song usage tracking, nursery messages, announcements, transitions, fully customizable display engine, searching, and much more. Free demo download.

What is Open Source software?

Not sure what open source software is - here's a video that briefly explains it:

Particularly between Christians, it's worth considering that free doesn't necessarily mean poor quality - just that someone has chosen to make it freely available to others - there's a difference.

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