Church Event Organisation and Scheduling Software

Using your church administrator to organise events and arrange rotas and schedules can be faster and quicker with simple software solutions Co-ordinating events for small or large churches can be complicated, especially when it includes a number of volunteers and staff.

Help Schedule Volunteers, Ministers and Events

Make use of software to help manage repetitive or complicated tasks in the church office:

Church Werks

Church Werks - Planner records all information about scheduling a church event. A form leads you to answer the who, what, when, where, and why of your event. You can schedule people, groups, rooms, and resources at the same time. Web-based applications. Offers all the applications needed for creating a church Web site/intranet.


CreateAppointments This purpose built appointment software has been created to enable you to effectively manage your diary. Use the online scheduler to book online appointments.


CV-Schedule - a freeware that functions as a church volunteer scheduler.

Minister Scheduler

Minister Scheduler Pro is designed to facilitate your church ministry and volunteer scheduling. It offers simplicity, speed and power and can be a useful solution if you have a large number of individuals volunteering within your organization.

Rotunda Software

Rotunda Software - is a complete solution for managing and scheduling any number of ministers or volunteers for church services. It is also customizable and can be used to schedule volunteers, referred to as "ministers", for any religious denomination. You define the tasks, or "ministries", to schedule (for example, ushers, greeters, altar servers, child-care workers, coffee and tea — you choose!) and your weekly, monthly, and yearly events and services. Easy to use solution for church volunteer scheduling.


ServiceU EventU is your online scheduling software solution: EventU simplifies event management, because everyone involved in the scheduling process has a single place for entering and tracking all information about your events. Our unique approval workflow process eliminates paperwork and phone calls by routing all requests electronically. ServiceU publishes real-time, up-to-date event information in an online calendar on your website. Designed for church, school, enterprise and other organizations for event management, administration, and scheduling. Free software trial.

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