Church Growth Software - managing a growing church

Managing change and growth can be helped by using popular software solutions Whilst small churches can manage change and growth with just one or two leaders or staff, a rapidly growing church may need to have help in keeping informed about members involvement, updating the website or even keeping members informed of the latest events.

Here's our reviews of church software solutions for growth management

Church Growth Software

Church Growth Software - manage all aspects of membership information, including attendance, ministries, and donations. Bring visitors back to the church through the automatic follow-up system. Plan, organize, and evaluate events. Create histories, profiles, and reports that provide pastors and administrators with timely decision-making information. Supports the Purpose Driven or Willow Creek ministry models. Free demo.

Ministry Tool Box

Ministry Tool Box - a range of resources designed to take some of the hassle out of ministry. Website creation, healthy church analysis, training.

Office and Administrative Companion

Office and Administrative Companion - software that includes weekly administrative functions and decision-making information.

Recommended Resources

Purpose driven church software is based on the best-selling book by Rick Warren and is designed to facilitate and help manage growth

Just Walk Across the Room - a revolutionary book and evangelism course for small groups from Bill Hybels of Willowcreek Church