Church Website Building & Design - Easy Software Solutions

Building church web sites can be easier than you think with the right choice of software Creating a web site for your church needn't be costly or expensive.

It can also be easy to maintain and update - as long as you purchase the right software, one that is intuitive and easy for anyone to use without extensive training.

We recommended three softwares which are suitable for building any christian website, whether for your church or ministry.

Did you know that many people are using the internet as a yellow pages to find telephone numbers - if you're not easy to find, they may well move on. So having even a one page site is crucial - as it helps you to get found in by people using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you have a big budget, then you will probably hire a designer to create your site, however, our recommended solutions are for anyone looking for a professional looking site that's easy to update and maintain.

Here's a brief summary of the three recommended providers:


Yahoo - an easy to use solution for non-technical individuals, quick and easy to update and add text and images. It also includes hundreds of templates to choose from to personalize your site to give that professional look.

Site Build It

Site Build It (SBI) - all-in-one solutions that includes techniques for publicising and promoting your web site. Successfully used by novices to build sites that attract thousands of visitors every month.


XSitePro - incorporates features that help to get you found in the search engines whilst being designed and easy to use for the novice. The cost of this means that it's probably best using this if you're wanting to build more than one site.

I've used both the Yahoo and XSitePro software, tried numerous trials of other software which is not easy to use for the non-technical person. Site Build It is well known in the internet business world as being very well supported software that builds websites that work and attract visitors.

Creating a Church Website with Yahoo

Looking to set up a church website but not sure where to start. Yahoo Small Business enables you to buy a web site domain name, set up your emails and create a church website using one of over 300 templates.

Using Yahoo Sitebuilder to build your website is easy - and you don't need to buy any software to create or upload your web site - it's all done for you. When your site is ready, you just click the "publish" button and within seconds your new church website is live. It really is that easy. Visit Yahoo.

Want to know how to create an effective website for your church?

What pages to use and include, how to get visitors, where to find affordable web hosting... eBook and software available to download now

Suggested Web Hosting and Domain Name Providers for Best Value

One of the places where many companies make their money is by selling you a domain name or hosting package which charges a monthly or annual fee - many of these are inflated to give them substantial profit for little outlay - all from your pocket.

Three of the industry names which have a reputation for service and good value, as well as minimal downtime (i.e. times when your website is not up and running) are:

  1. Go Daddy
  2. Name Cheap
  3. Yahoo

These all offer good value and reliable support and performance.