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Church office software computer Church management software is being used by churches to automate some of their routine administration.  Several software packages have been developed to support the administration role of the church office.

Choosing the right administration application for your church office is a major decision, particularly as many churches are operating on a limited budget.  You will need to consider carefully just what you require and what future requirements you may have.

A good time to choose new software would be a couple of months prior to the year end, to allow yourself time to become familiar with the application.

Specific church management software has now been developed to manage every aspect of your church administration such as contribution records, membership tracking, tithes and contributions, tracking, church accounting , financial analysis, growth planning and even your web site.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

In addition to the standard accounting packages, software is available to integrate with your membership information and to track contributions and pledges.

For the non-financially minded, a simple bookkeeping package with reporting function can provide all that's required for your accounts.

Song Management

Few churches are now without this vital tool.  Using music planning software for your church service helps add a professionalism and prepare and lead in to praise and worship.

Impressive Presentations

Combine song lyrics, movie clips, pictures, videos and other digital media to create a compelling presentation.  Increasingly images and words are combined to enhance worship.

Staff and Volunteer Scheduling

With increasing numbers of staff and volunteers involved in the running of churches, managing their time and schedules can be complex.  Create appointments, manage rotas with this software and take away the headache of creating a written schedule!

Create your Database

With churches in the US as large as 10,000 members, the need to manage a database is clear.  Keeping track of your members, helping to organise them can help your organisation to grow.

Track Membership

A range of software is available to manage new church plants to churches with thousands of members or attendees..  These specially designed database systems can be designed to integrate with church scheduling, event management, visits or simply to integrate with Word, Excel and Outlook.

Manage Growth

Managing successful church growth requires the right tools – to enable you to keep track of visitors, create an automatic follow-up system and plan, organize, and evaluate your events.

Church Software Reviews

Read our reviews the most popular church computer packages for the church office and let you know where you can find free software downloads.  

You'll find software for just about every application required by a church - if you find that we've missed something that you're looking for, please contact us and we'll add it
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