Church Appointment Software - Get Organized!

Create a paper-free office with this scheduling software to manage appointments When there is more than one minister, managing their diary can start to get complicated and hard to manage.

Booking appointments for ministers, counsellors  or other teams can be far easier with suitable software solutions.

Choosing solutions that are networked, can mean that one person can be making appointments, whilst another can be checking their diary and adding visits to members.

Create Appointments

Create Appointments - this purpose built appointment software is created to manage your diary. Use the online scheduler, or CRM Software, to book online appointments for your church or ministry.

Lotus 123

Lotus 123 combines a calculator, phone book and appointment scheduler


ServiceU is an online scheduling software solution.

Part of the EventU software, it simplifies event management, as everyone within your organisation can be involved in the scheduling process and has a place for entering and tracking all information about any events.

The workflow process can help eliminate paperwork and phone calls by routing all requests electronically. ServiceU publishes real-time, up-to-date event information in an online calendar on your website. Designed for church, school, enterprise and other organizations for event management, administration, and scheduling.  

Free software download - trial available.