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Keep track of names, addresses and telephone numbers with a church directory Keeping in touch with church family and friends is an important part of building a community of faith.

It's helpful to new members to be given a church directory enabling them to get in touch by phone or email with people that they've met on a Sunday mornings or at an event.

You'll need to be aware of data protection - so have clear rules about who can and can't have a directory - perhaps it could be limited to members only, or members of a small group, etc - but be sure that everyone is clear about the rules for sharing confidential directory information with others.


Awesome photo directory designed to serve the information needs of churches. An efficient and well-designed photo directory software to link family, individual and visitor information (i.e. names and addresses, email address) along with pictures.

The software create the layout for you, so no headaches on that front of cutting and pasting names and addresses.  Instead, simply print professional text or graphical directories with photographs.

Congregation Builder

Congregation Builder is a web-based software that features an online directory, church calendar, room hire and easy to manage web site.

Olan Mills

Olan Mills whose tag line is "connecting people, building community" and who are also one of the best well known producers of full color directories. This is a service which allows you to create a professional photo directory in a style to suit you. Creating a free online directory with family and staff photos is easily managed and complements your printed copies.

White Mountain Software

White Mountain Software is designed to be easy to use. Enables you to track membership and easily create directories, or for full-color photo directories, contributions management, receipts, also planning use of your facilities and events.

Don't forget to confirm compatibility with your operating system, whether it's Window XP, 2000, Vista Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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