Small Church Solutions

Small churches can be vibrant Christian communities Every church starts small. Even the disciples who had spent so long with Jesus had to start somewhere.

So, how do you move from a small church plant to a thriving, sustainable church ?

What's Special about Small Churches ?

Many people love belonging to a small church - you know everyone and can it can really feel like a family.

In fact, some people resist change or growth because they like the comfort of the small organization.

There are certain "sticking points" in church growth that require change in leadership and organization to move past - for example, the 120 growth barrier which requires, in particular, delegation from the leadership team to others capable of leading the children's & youth work, small groups, etc.

Read Matt Stones article about the importance of scalability to further understand how to build a church that is easy to grow.

Organizing Small Groups

Churches grow effectively from small or cell groups - this is where people get discipled and pastored, especially as the church grows. 

These groups are a great training ground as well as a good place to teach evangelism and outreach on a one-to-one basis.

Setting up a Small church library

With limited resources and finances, setting up a library to share books and other resources (e.g. dvds, cd recordings, etc) can help share essential knowledge and encourage, grow and help to disciple your congregation.

Find further information about church libraries.

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