Managing Power & Healthy Mega Churches

Purpose Driven church management software solutions

Rick Warren has successfully changed the face of many churches with the ideas presented in his popular books "The Purpose Driven Church" and "Purpose Driven Life".

Aimed at making churches "seeker friendly" whilst yet not compromising either the mission or the message.  Areas which can really be helped by an administrator including reaching out to the community, turning a first-time visitor into a regular visitor, and also turning attenders into members and members into ministers.

If you like, it's a church style, rather than a denomination, and aspects of it can be adapted by any church looking for ways to handle and manage growth.

Whilst there are many software solutions available, there are two which are particularly focused on the Purpose Driven church model.

Church Software - manage all aspects of membership information,including attendance, ministries, and donations. Designed to help manage administration, growth, and health. Plan, organize, and evaluate events. Create histories, profiles, and reports that provide pastors and administrators with timely decision-making information. Has a built in follow-up system to encourage visitors to return.

The software is based on a purpose driven church philosophy, which enabled Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church to grow from a new church of 205 attendees to 20,000. In fact, it was designed by the programmer wife of a purpose-driven church pastor!

Hence it can effectively support both the Purpose Driven or Willow Creek ministry models. Pricing structure designed to work for small churches.  Free demo available.

Power Church software Designed for easy church management in four specific areas:

  • Membership - record useful information about the people in your congregation, to enable you to serve them better
  • Accounting - keep your churches finances in order with an accounting system specifically designed for your needs
  • Contributions - record donations, track pledges and faith promises
  • Record Keeping - from your education library to inventories of equipment, keep track with this simple system

More about the Purpose Driven model

Without resorting to "techniques" for church growth, Rick Warrens model is based on the knowledge that only God can make a church grow.

Instead of trying to build or create a wave of the Spirit, churches need to recognise what God is doing and follow it.

His premise is also that by focusing on church health, we will naturally see growth - as healthy churches will grow naturally.

For resources for the Purpose Driven Church, including small group coaching, studies & leadership training tools, click here.

The UK site for the purpose driven church also has resources for "40 days of purpose" and "40 days of community". Also, audio, books, celebrate recovery, course programmes, lay leadership training and conference information.

Further Resources

Organizing Small Groups - often representing the real life of the church, this is where teaching and discipleship take place

Small Church Solutions - implementing the right administrative and finance solutions that can grow with you and help with contacting members is important from the early days of a church plant