Easy Church Management Software - for ease and simplicity of use

Simple and easy to use software solutions for church management New software can be time-consuming to install and discover, hence finding one that it intuitive and easy-to-use is important for the hard-pushed church office administrator.

Here are three solutions that offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution for your church:


ACS ACS manages every aspect of your church administration - contribution records, membership tracking, tithe and contribution tracking, attendance tracking, church accounting, financial analysis, fund accounting, growth planning and web site - everything you need in one place.

Power Church

Power Church is designed for easy to use church management. It includes:

  • Membership - enabling you to record useful information about the members of your church or congregation
  • Accounting - to enable you to manage and control your church finances and budget with an accounting system specifically designed for churches
  • Contributions - record and track donations, pledges or faith promises
  • Record Keeping - from your education library to equipment inventory, keep your records up-to-date

This software has been available since 1984 and is you can now access your data via the internet or even in a pocket version

Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper is an easy, powerful and affordable church management software.

It can efficiently handle membership, attendance, labels, groups, graphs, contributions, pledges, and administration details; and links to Quicken or QuickBooks for a complete accounting package. Servant Keeper is designed by individuals involved in Church ministry.

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